shaimaa AbdElshafy

I'm a writer, a copywriter and a journalist who has worked on many media projects.
I have an experience in the following fields
-article writing,blogging,editing,reporting,events coverage,running press interviews with celebrities


Scriptwriter at Enactus Helwan University                                 writer at ‎خمسة بلس حاجات‎                                                      Publishing Director at Enactus Helwan University                           Writer at ‎مجلة أنتيكا ا Anttika Magazine‎                                          Editorial Member at ‎مباشر من جامعة القاهرة‎                                    Journalist at Al-Bawaba News                                                    Writer at Radio A7lmnafm                                                       Writer at Kelmetna Magazine                                                  Write online articles at ( alyoum7 ) and ( Egypt Today بالعربي )